Ronald Fowlkes Gives Back To The Community He Loves By Being A Mentor:

Ronald Fowlkes is a former United States Marine who has seen combat on the front lines. He also has had a long career in law enforcement before coming into his current role as a Business Development Manager for a tactical gear company. Ronald loves giving back to his community, his country and the world and he found a great way to give back locally while participating in something he is passionate about. Ronald has a son that is a member of the triple a team for the St. Louis Blues and Ronald serves as the trainer for the team off the ice. He is also responsible for all equipment. Through is work with tactical gear company FirstSpear, Ronald supplies essential equipment to peacekeepers and soldiers all over the world. Ronald first gained exposure to the world of tactical gear when he himself was an active soldier in uniform. Since he has such an in-depth familiarity with equipment and understands how it aids in a person’s efficiency, it makes him a perfect person to manage equipment.


Ronald was on the front lines for a large portion of his life. He first joined the Marines right out of graduation from high school. As soon as he left the Marines he immediately starting working in police departments. Ronald came to the realization that serving is more than just wearing a uniform. Ronald loves the United States and wants to help make it a better place and so he loves to have the chance to be a leader for the kids of the next generation. Ronald has shared his personal story with kids and doing so has helped many of them realize that there are people out there who put their lives on the line so that they can enjoy the life they do in America today. Ronald truly believes that sports are a great vehicle for getting a message through to young people. Ronald also feels that working with young people personally helps him as well as it keeps him motivated to stay active and fit.


Ronald Fowlkes is Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has a speciality in the areas of law enforcement and military and trains the companies 150 plus sales representatives on the proper use of tactical gear. He also teaches the sales representatives how to know what gear is right for a customer. The company has more than 30 years of experience in business providing the best equipment available and Ronald Fowlkes is the perfect person to fill the role that he works in. He is a former United States Marine as well as a long time cop with the St. Louis Metropolitan and St. Louis County Police Departments. He has an in-depth knowledge of tactical gear gained from years of experience using such equipment.


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