OSI Industries Acquire Flagship Europe

OSI Industries, a global food, poultry, and meat company that is based in Illinois purchased Flagship Europe, a United Kingdom company and a part of the Flagship Food Group.

Flagship Europe is the United Kingdom’s foodservice market supplier that has a wide array of high standard food products which includes dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, pies, sous vide products, and frozen poultry. As per OSI, their procurement of Flagship Europe was to be able to establish their presence within the Food To Go Segment of the industry, which is subsequent to Flagship Europe’s purchase of Calder Foods – a company engaged in the retail of dips, mayonnaise, sauces, marinades, and sandwich fillings.

Russel Maddock, the CEO of Flagship Europe said that the acquisition is a progressive and stimulating development for their company because as a part of the OSI Industries, it would help expand their resources, which will lead to having new clients as well as having a share in the international markets. Further, Flagship Europe will be able to serve its customers better and sustain the company’s already thriving venture.

David McDonald, OSI’s President and Chief Operating Officer remarked that the addition of Flagship Europe to OSI’s European business all the more expands OSI’s foothold in Europe. He also said that Flagship Europe’s range of brands and products are the appropriate supplement to OSI Industries’ processing assets that expands the latter’s capacity to provide the diversifying requirements of its clients.

Due to the maintenance of its excellent production and manufacturing standards, OSI’s United Kingdom branch was awarded by the British Safety Council the esteemed Globe of Honor Award for 2016 for its outstanding environmental risks management. The award giving ceremony was done in London’s Drapers’ Hall on the 25th of November 2016.

OSI Industries is among the 18 companies from across the globe that was given the Globe of Honor in 2016. The companies were given the award because they have manifested an excellent management of their environment. To be able to participate for the Globe of Honor Award, a particular company must primarily attain a maximum of 5 stars in the environmental management and audit scheme of the British Safety Council from August 2015 to July 2016. The participating companies must likewise show an independent committee of experts that they are exceptional in the management of their surroundings all through the different aspects of their business from their executives’ meeting room to the store front.

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