How Sheldon Lavin Made the Success of the OSI Group Possible

When searching through some of the leaders who have served at the top executive positions in the food and meat processing industry, Sheldon Lavin would automatically appear. He is among the people who have made OSI Group be as successful as it is today. Through his efforts, the company has managed to expand internationally and even acquire some other international companies. Acquiring a company is not an easy thing especially if the company doesn’t have a good management team to oversee its financial activities. Sheldon has done a lot to enable the OSI group to acquire other companies such as Baho Food and Flagship Europe. One thing that Sheldon wants to see is having the modern food processing techniques spread to other countries across the world.

As the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Group, Sheldon has what it takes to make the company a global force in the food processing industry. He was a successful consultant and banker before he joined the meat industry about 43 years ago. He is a man who doesn’t give up on business, and this has seen him climb from one ladder to another in any organization he has worked for. Sheldon served at other lower positions before he became the CEO of the meat processing company. After rising up to the top position, Sheldon has managed to give the firm an international look. It no longer supplies its products locally as it used to do before.

The firm is today able to supply the meat products to the customers across the world. The international labor force of the company has now increased to about 20,000 personnel. The OSI Group is now proud of the minimized employee turnover it has today besides the overall international success. Sheldon says that the longevity of the employees the company enjoys has its roots in the family culture. Any firm or company that is able to maintain its employees portray great leadership.

Sheldon is remembered for the great fundraiser he organized for the Otto & Sons when the company was in need of a financial boost. Later in 1970, he joined the OSI Group. He is the one who helped the company to have some investments abroad in 1975. For this reason, the two sons in that company found it good to make Sheldon a partner. The amazing thing is that even at 81 years old, Sheldon is still passionate about the growth and expansion of the OSI group.

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