OSI Group Majors in Global Expansion

OSI Group has been diversifying its portfolio by acquiring several manufacturing facilities since the summer of 2016. For starters, the company bought off Tyson Food, a manufacturing facility based in Chicago. The Tyson Food sits on 20,000 meters of land and is conveniently located adjacently to OSI Industries’s facility. The acquisition allowed OSI Group to expand its services while Tyson Food had the opportunity to grow its legacy into the next future.

Details of the Acquisition

There has been a growing demand for meat products in Chicago. OSI Industries has identified the market niche and decided to take advantage by bridging the gap between supply and demand. According to the head cheerleader of the department of communications Mr. Kevin Scott, the management was excited to be part of the acquisition as it an opportunity to add workers to its client base as well. The new facility has majorly contributed to the growth of the company. Unfortunately, the company withheld details of the acquisition stating it is against their policy.

Baho Food is acquired

In the same year, OSI Industries acquired Baho Food. This facility engages in the manufacture as well as the distribution of meat-based food products in Germany. From roasted pork products, poultry meatballs, cheeseburgers and hot dogs among others, the company has affiliates that assist in the distribution of these products.

Baho Food Grows OSI’s portfolio

In this acquisition, the financial details were withheld as well. Limitlessly, it is evident that OSI Industries has expanded its operations, client base, and service delivery portfolio over the last years. Moreover, the acquisition of Baho Food gives OSI Group Europe extensive market share plus an added share of the shelf in the industry.

Flagship Europe is Acquired

In the winter of the same year, OSI Group acquired an additional company. Flagship Europe is situated in Colorado. In 2018, the company earned a new name; Creative Foods Europe. Since its inception, the company has provided the market with pies, sauces, mayonnaise, sandwich fillings and dips. The acquisition of this facility assists OSI Industries to expand its portfolio as well.

The OSI Group?

OSI Industries is an international food retailer that often deals with meat-based products. The company has over the past years majored in the acquisition of several manufacturing facilities with the aim of expanding its service portfolio. Until now, OSI has more than 2,000 employees proudly associated with the excellent customer service.

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