Bruno Fagali’s Impressive Contributions to Brazilian Legal Arm

     Bruno Fagali’s Federal court implemented regulations that beer labels will specifically include the types of cereals that manufacturers use when fermenting the products. It is as a result of some brewers using unmalted cereals. Such beers only have barley malt, water, and hops. Examples of such unmalted cereals include oats, soy, rice, sorghum and much more. However, some brewers use a combination of more than one cereal.

Issues like this will no longer be a problem because Juliano Taveira Bernardes who is a Federal Judge at the Court of Judicial Branch of the State of Goias stressed that consumer rights must be upheld. Most specifically when labelling the specific non-malted cereal used on the bottle before selling them in the liquor stores in Brazil. The law represented majorly four brewers and it stated that the brewers should make a point of printing the labels with the unmalted cereals used within 60 days after manufacturing.

Importantly, they should also include the percentage compositions of these cereals. The business owners therefore had to wait for the announcements and sentencing by the federal judge. According the sentence given by the judge, he noted that the Centre for Disease Control, CDC, requires brewers to specify the quality, quantity, and the composition of their products for risk assessment. These products should not pose health hazards to their users according to the CDC act in the Brazilian Constitution.

Additionally, the law that defends beer consumers, Law 8,918/ 1994 states that, the processing of the alcoholic beverage should be from natural raw material which impart its organoleptic characteristics. It also obeys standards and regulations for the beverage. Bruno Fagali is also one of the renowned federal attorneys in Brazil. He has been holding the position of Corporate Integrity Management for about two years now. In his leadership, he organizes Corporate Integrity Program as well as training upcoming lawyers within Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

Bruno Fagali has unmatched specialty in Administrative and State Law. Moreover, he also assists clients who approach with cases relating to corruption, public administration control as well training employees on work ethics and much more. Indeed, Bruno Fagali is a major contributor to the Brazilian law firms.

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