Malcolm CasSelle: Worldwide Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has managed to create a reputation for himself the digital technology community of excellence. He is both well-known and respected as a man who is capable of leading a team to create companies that reach levels of prominence seldom seen. He has recently capitalized upon the novel technology produced by the cryptocurrency bitcoin. This technology is known as the blockchain. Malcolm CasSelle has used this technology in order to create his own version of the technology that he has called wax tokens.

Malcolm CasSelle has launched his new company known as the worldwide asset exchange in order to facilitate transactions in online gaming communities around the world. There is an incredibly large economy in online video games. People around the world are able to trade things it exchange value between themselves in the virtual world. However, there are several issues that are present in the markets as of right now. Currently, the markets are all based upon centralized technology. This centralized technology brings with it a number of issues that users must confront in order to facilitate transactions. One of the most prominent issues that are common with centralized technology is that users are not always from the same geographic location. This means that they more than likely do not use the same native currency. In order to facilitate transactions between themselves, they must utilize a third-party in order to exchange their currencies for a common source of value.

On the Worldwide Asset Exchange, individuals will be able to use the wax tokens as a common store of value. This will eliminate the issue that geographic fragmentation has imposed upon online gaming communities in the past. Due to the fact that the technology is decentralized, it will be impossible for individuals to counterfeit the currency and create money that is not real. In addition, the very nature of the technology will eliminate or at least significantly reduce the prevalence of fraud on digital markets. As a result, the markets will be able to move away from centralized technology and into a decentralized platform that will power the future of online commerce.


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