Richard Dwayne Blair Has Top Credentials for Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Tx. and he has a deep level of experience in comprehensive financial planning. His clients include affluent individuals, small business owners, and families who put his expertise to work in the face of ever-changing markets. The range of credentials that Blair has accumulated is impressive and enables him to provide sound advice about all things financial.

The foundation of Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach to financial planning is the Three Pillars system that he has perfected. It helps him key in on a client’s goals as they navigate different chapters in their life. By giving them powerful tools for many financial situations he helps them achieve a peace of mind as they face the future.

The all-important First Pillar is the fashioning of a financial roadmap which fits in nicely with the client’s goals. He also ascertains their strengths, risk tolerance, and spotlights the best opportunities for growth in their portfolio. This phase helps Blair and the client foster a good working relationship which will last many years.

The equally important Second Pillar is designing a long-term plan for investing. Taking advantage of the compounding principle is something that Richard Dwayne Blair excels in. He teaches his clients how to maximize gains during good market conditions and how to play defense when the market corrects. His active management also takes into consideration the liquidity needs and tolerance for risk of each client.

The Third Pillar is all about implementation and monitoring of the client’s financial goals and portfolio. This involves logical comparisons to model portfolios, historical market data and the client’s expectations.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Blair in 1994 and he’s been gaining experience and expertise ever since. He founded his own company to better provide personalized financial planning to his clients. His professionalism allows his clients to sleep at night knowing they are financially prepared for virtually anything.

One inspiration that has strongly impacted Richard Dwayne Blair is the teachers in his family. He also considers himself to be a teacher of important financial principles concerning building wealth and preparing for retirement.

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