Academy of Art University Explores The Relationship Between Fashion and Social Media

At the point that a scholarship was announced for fashion journalism, there was one thought that was raised. This thought was about the relationship between fashion and social media. One thing that some people may be thinking is that social media is taking over some aspects of fashion that journalism is unable to capture. Therefore, social media might be the future of fashion. After all, one of the most posted messages on social media is related to fashion. Academy of Art University is recognizing social media and its influence on fashion. This is one of the reasons that there are suggestions being made about whether or not social media has a bright future with fashion.

While people are taking a lot of images and uploading them to social media sites, there are some people who are actually taking photos of risky outfits. Some people are stepping outside of their fashionable comfort zone and actually showing off looks that they deem to be weird. One factor that has often influenced fashion to a greater extent than the others is the breaking of fashion rules. Academy of Art University is encouraging fashion designers and consumers to break the rules of fashion because they are way past their time.

Another reason that it is suggested that social media has more of a future with fashion than journalism is that one of the journalists with a hard news background has noticed that she has to write about serious topics. When she wanted to write about fashion, she was not taken with regard. Therefore, she had to stay away from fashion in order to get anywhere. However, Academy of Art University has made some changes for her so that she can find an outlet that she can use to write about fashion and related topics.


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