The career path that has led to the success of Mina Ebrahimi

Over the years in Mina Ebrahimi career path she has been able to maintain the progress needed to become a businesswoman. At the St. Germain Catering he is the founder and the CEO of the company too, the tradition that she has maintained is the family tradition of entrepreneurship. In Virginia when she was just a kid, she used to work at her parent’s bakery. In fact, at the age of 11, that’s when she started. As Ebrahimi got to adulthood what she knew was in her blood was being a businesswoman but specifically the food industry. When it came to the bakery’s evolution the skills that Mina possessed is that she was instrumental.

At age 26, that’s when she decided that she was ready to start her own thing and that led to starting of her company. The reason for the name is because of her tribe roots. Today, they have managed to grow to what the business is right now as they have managed to be in business for 20 years. To achieve the success that the company has the first thing that she started on is targeting the clients in corporate catering. It was an excellent strategy for the people of Fairfax country. Eventually, her services got known, and people started to approach her if she could handle their events. Today, St. Germain Catering is responsible for taking care of so many occasions. There is no occasion that St. Germain will not be able to handle from the weddings, business events, charity events and anniversaries.

The achievements that Ebrahimi has achieved the previous years have not gone unnoticed because several times she has been recognized. In the Washington Business Journal 2010 top 40 under 40 she won and an award from SmartCEO Brava she won it too. The thing that makes Mina Ebrahimi proud is that she can offer job opportunity for the two dozen people and the bigger percentage are full-time bases. Her parents inspired all the business skills that she possesses. She was taught from an early age that is was right to give back to the community and she does that often.

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