Making of a leader- the story of Peter Briger

When Trevor Wilkins, who was in the Princeton class of 2013 and his business partner Logan Cohen, cofounders of K├╝dzoo sent their proposal to the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, they had always hoped to get something out of it. Theirs was a mobile rewards app intended for students. The app offers information on scholarships, deals and discounts from businesses, concert tickets, giveaways, opportunities, and other experiences which would be merit based with a special emphasis on their grades and achievements. They were applying with the hope that the newly created The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) would finance the application so that it would have an easier time rolling out. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) was an initiative of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, which had set its sights on strengthening the entrepreneurial success stories from Princeton University.

Princeton is considered one of the top universities in America and has consistently produced business leaders of high repute. This was the case for Peter Briger who was part of the 1986 class that graduated with a B.A. He is one of the most influential leaders in the country today and is recognized as such by Forbes magazine. Peter Briger began his career at Goldman Sachs, where he worked for not less than fifteen years. His career in the organization hit peak in 1996 when he became a partner. This is a position that enabled him to have more sway in the way business was conducted at the organization as well as being part of the team that handled billion-dollar deals.

This kind of exposure meant he was not only a valuable employee but a very exposed one.These credentials would see Peter Briger join Fortress investment group in 2002. He joined the management team at a time when they were experiencing exponential growth and had managed to grow their assets from four hundred million to about three billion dollars in five years. Peter Briger coming on board meant that he brought with him the experience in deal-making he had learned at Goldman Sachs. His rise through the ranks was steady as he was made a member of the board of directors within four years. This was a year short of Fortress investment group going public. The IPO needed a steady hand that had experience in such, and it was Peter Briger who was brought in for the same helping its underwriters understand their business model.

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