Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group, and SoftBank Group

Randal Nardone is billionaire featuring position 557 on Forbes list of billionaires. Randal is worth $1.8B. However, in his formal education, Randal Nardone got his J.D at Boston University, and he also holds a Bachelors’ degree in Arts from the University of Connecticut. He is the CEO and co-founder Fortress Investment Group since 1998. Having been a Principal since 1998 and the chief executive officer since August 2013.Nardone was a principal at BlackRock before that and was a professional partner and an executive committee member at Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm before landing at Fortress. Apart from Fortress, Nardone is one of the directors at Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd., Springleaf Finance Corporation, Eurocastle Investment Limited and Springleaf Finance Inc.

Nardone is someone who has consistently demonstrated a high amount of skills and expertise in the field of finance. Through the years, he has gained more experience and has grown to be a professional and financialist. Even though he never intended to end in the field of finance, Nardone had always had passion in pursuing law for which he even attained a master’s degree in the same. At Fortress Investment Organisation employees feel they work with smart, and thoughtful people. Nardone had always prioritized his very best with every endeavor that he takes on and this has been demonstrated when he decided to switch sectors. And today, Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the most important investment entity on the New York Stock Exchange. Many companies now are opting for its services because of the portfolio that Nardone has put in place for the company.

However, SoftBank, Japan-based Corporation Group purchased Fortress Investment Group.SoftBank Group is a multinational technology competitor in the tech market with headquarters in Tokyo. The purchase of Fortress by SoftBank has significantly helped them to make the most out of a more institutionalized firm that includes investor relations, an investment committee, and trading departments. Under the transaction terms, Fortress, which manages approximately $70.1 billion in assets, will be actively involved in SoftBank’s activities as a separate entity business. After the purchase of Fortress by SoftBank, Randal Nardone mentioned that he was pretty positive about the transaction and that it would strengthen his company. He added on that his company would be able to expand in the future and gain more access to greater credit services. Randal Nardone will maintain his position at Fortress regarding the fact that Fortress is a public company.

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