Achievements of Infinity Group Australia

Founded in 2012 under the partnership of Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm, Infinity Group Australia is tremendously changing the financial lives of many Australians. Its main goal is to help its client in reducing debts efficiently as well as creating wealth and securing an excellent financial future for all its clients. In an attempt at achieving this goal, Infinity Group Australia having its headquarters in Bella Vista, NSW, provides services including money management, debt reduction, financial coaching, and mortgage broking to mention a few. Since its establishment only six years ago, the firm has been able to achieve a milestone worth applauding.


The most significant achievement of the company revolves around debt reduction and was experienced early this year. Here, Infinity Group Australia managed to help one of their clients (young couple with a growing family) reduce a debt of approximately $96,271. The blow does not fall on the ability of the company to help in overcoming this debt but in the ability of the firm to help the clients reduce this debt in just one year. Sound interesting right? Well, you too can manage all your debts in the shortest time possible if you choose Infinity Group Australia as your financial management firm of choice.


Another achievement of the company since its dawn is its nomination in various awards. In 2017, Infinity Group Australia was in the running to win a prize in Optus My Business Awards. Also, it had been nominated to win an award in the category of customer service experience. Currently, the company is proud of being shortlisted in the prestigious Vow Financial Altitude Awards. Since this is the beginning more is to be anticipated from the company because as young as it is, it has already secured a place in the market and won the hearts of most Australians.


The accomplishments of Infinity Group Australia are primarily attributed to the managing director and its co-founder Graeme Holm. He is the brain behind the firm’s more comfortable and faster debt reduction mechanism and financial coaching through a personal banker. Graeme brilliance cannot be doubted as he ranked among the MPA Top 100 brokers of 2017. Besides, he has been in the business and finance niche for 17 years hence the discovery of the new model since he knew what people suffer from and what other banks have not done that he can do using his firm. Nevertheless, he holds firm in the policy of cooperation because he believes it is through it that the company is making enormous achievements.


Through Infinity Group Australia reviews, the company has managed to impress their clients by helping them register great results. The company is currently one of the greatest in country in helping clients with issues of personal financing. Learn more:

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