The Profile of Lawyer Bruno Fagali

     The Brazilian born Lawyer grew up in this tremendous South American Country, and he is involved in different Legal matters. Bruno is also the founding father of Fagali Advocates whose headquarters are in Sao Paulo.


Bruno attended various, and one notable one was the Catholic University of Pontifical and studied administrative law where he graduated with a bachelor degree. After completing his education, he joined his few fellow university students to form the well-known in Brazil effective Ethics and Compliance of the Law of Brazilian Institute.

Work and Career

In his early career before forming his firm, different law firms employed him as an intern. Fagali is the frontline in fighting for equal treatment for employees at various government levels. Due to his Integrity in legal matters and as an attorney, he has handled issues to do with corruption in varying degrees of managing public funds by different government officials. Bruno has started different systems to ensure that he cleans up different departments receiving government contracts. By the use of his Fagali Advocates, he has helped in educating the importance of social equality and anti-corruption. Bruno is also a manager of a prominent advertising Brazilian firm known as Novas. The organization receives a good number of advertising campaigns from the government on the matters of law enhancement and anti-corruption. Bruno Fagali is also a coordinator of the Brazil Ethics and Business Laws.

Achievement and Reorganization

Due to Bruno Fagali’s high education and skills, he is outstanding in communicating with different people all over the globe. He speaks many languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, and English, which helps him great when representing his clients. He is among the most recognized people in Brazil due to his experience in law and licensed by the Brazil Bar Association. He has also been named and identified in different state functions.

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