Peter Briger Has Brought Good Fortune To Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is currently working at Fortress Investment Group as company principle, one of the largest investment companies in the country today that specializes in alternative investments for clients around the nation. The company is a major player in the stock markets, often traded by investors for its dependability. Fortress Investment Group was founded more than 20 years ago back in 1998 by three men, Wes Edens, Randy Nardone, and Rob Kauffman, all of which wanted to succeed in the investment industry. With new goals and milestones each year, the three individuals made huge successes, especially after bringing in Peter Briger in 2002.

Even before his time at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was a big name in the business world, with more than a billion dollars estimated net worth and a huge portfolio behind him. Peter’s focus on the credit department at the company has managed to increase annual revenue by more than 30 percent in a single year. Peter built a history of success in the world of business from his time at Goldman Sachs, a very well-known investment bank in the United States. Peter spent more than 15 years at Goldman’s, improving his knowledge of investing and finances. Peter was in a great position at Goldman, but he decided he wanted to try new opportunities, so he moved over to Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger has been featured on the news and all over the media in the past for his business exploits and his position in the corporate world. Peter has landed on the Forbes list of most wealthy individuals in the United States. Peter Briger build much of his experience working on the job, but he was also a graduate of Princeton University in 1986, graduating with honors to work in the financial industry. Peter has become known as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the country for his accomplishments over the years.

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