Francisco Domenech: A Powerhouse in Puerto Rican Politics

Francisco Domenech, currently a managing partner of Politank in Puerto Rico, is perhaps best well-known for his roles in promoting and managing campaigns for women in leadership. Most notably, Domenech served Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Puerto Rico as well as House Minority Leader Jenniffer González-Colón’s campaign for the Resident Commissioner seat in Congress. Impressively, Domenech managed both of these campaigns in the same election year simultaneously. Domenech is known for his philanthropy and commitment to supporting and empowering women in politics. Follow Francisco Domenech on twitter for more updates.

Domenech is popular among regular Puerto Ricans, not just in the political and legal arenas. In 2016, Domenech received the most votes from readers of Caribbean Business during that year’s 40 Under 40 selection. Francisco Domenech is recognized for his ability to advocate for the people of Puerto Rico. While he has campaigned extensively for politicians, Domenech has used his platform to highlight the needs of Puerto Ricans during the midst of a financial crisis that has severely impacted the every day life of those in Puerto Rico.

In addition to managing campaigns and his current role as managing partner of Politank, Domenech has previously served as Chief Legal Counsel of Puerto Rico Senate President Kenneth McClintock and the Director of the Office of Legislative Services. This former legal experience combined with his political experience has allowed Francisco Domenech to develop Politank in such a way that it inhabits the space between government and private business. An in-depth knowledge of how government works and what businesses need when public policy changes or impacts businesses allows Politank to successfully represent and assist the private businesses they work with.

Overall, Domenech has left and continues to leave an indelible mark in Puerto Rico’s political, legal, and philanthropic landscapes. His role at Politank continues to allow him a platform to work with the government while advocating for businesses in Puerto Rico. Domenech has had a great impact in a very short period of time.



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