Natural Resources Expert Matt Badiali Explains Why Oil will Likely Go Past $100 a Barrel

When he was a university student Matt Badiali never thought that his future would lie in the financial sector. He was studying to be a geologist, not the investment guru he became. He earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology and was working to earn his doctorate when one day he got a fateful phone call from a friend.

His friend worked for an investment research organization. He was putting together materials to help average investors make money using various assets such as stocks and bonds. He wanted to also present information about investing in natural resources like oil and natural gas but his background was in finance, not science. He turned to Matt Badiali and asked him to join his company and work on this project. He decided to accept the offer and ever since has been traveling the world and writing about this type of investing.

His latest publication is called Real Wealth Strategist. Matt Badiali writes about oil and natural gas, agricultural commodities, metals, and materials used for construction. He strives to make sure what he writes is easily digestible even for people who don’t understand the science. The goal is to provide his subscribers with genuinely useful advice that they can take action on.

He recently gave his views on the current state of oil in the world. He thinks it’s entirely possible that a barrel of oil will zoom past $100. There are a number of geopolitical risks around the world that threaten relative calm and stability that has existed since 2014. He says that investors who enter this area now are likely going to be very happy with that investment decision.

Yemen is a hotspot, he wrote. Terrorism is increasing in that country as both al-Qaeda and ISIS have strengthened their positions there. Matt Badiali also points to Houthi Rebels as a big problem as they are being financed by Iran. This strife is now spreading beyond Yemen’s borders. In March of this year, the Houthi rebels fired missiles aimed at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The missiles were shot down but it shows the situation is escalating.

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