Gareth Henry—the Impressive Biography of the All-Rounder

Gareth Henry, the badminton player who has not only won the heart of his Jamaican people by playing badminton universally and by marking victories all the way through, instead he is also a fighter of gay rights. Let’s stretch the timeline back to the start. He was born in Jamaica on August 10, 1991. He was not much attached to his neglected dad; however, he shared a strong bond with his mom and grandma. Gareth Henry had a difficult childhood when he initially felt attraction towards boys as gay relationships weren’t much societally and officially accepted back then. But then things turned out differently as he grew up and fought for this right. Gareth Henry competed in many international and national games as a badminton player.

The games that he participated in include; 2014 common wealth games, 2011 and 2015 Pan American games. He was also part of men’s team in 2018 Pan Am Men’s Team Championships (a continental championships tournament of badminton). He partnered with Samuel O Brien Ricketts, who himself is a good Jamaican badminton player. He had a high ranking in men’s singles as well as doubles. Gareth Henry is a famous figure on the social media as well, not only for being an amazing badminton player but also because of his great interest and participation in the gay rights that led him to actually fight for it.

Not to forget the fact, he was gay from his teenage when he recognized his interests and characteristics that were inclined towards boys since he was ten years old. Talking further about this spectacular all-rounder, the athletic spirit doesn’t just run in his blood, but also in his sister’s, Geordine Henry. She is a remarkable badminton player too. In fact, the brother and sister teamed up and played many tournaments together. When both of them played as a team they won the American National Badminton Championships mixed doubles. They won six titles during the years 2008 till 2016. His biography is surely an impressive one!

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