Dr. Anthony Constantinou Is An Accomplished Professor In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Anthony Constantinou specializes in artificial intelligence He researches Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, which makes predictions using statistics and math. It was named after a mathematician named Rev. Thomas Bayes and helps decrease uncertainty in decision making. According to his website, Constantinou’s fields of study include “sport, economics, medicine, finance, and gambling.” He is an assistant professor at the Queen Mary University of London.

He has a long history with Queen Mary University. Anthony Constantinou earned his Ph.D. there in 2012. He is currently a post-doc researcher at the Queen Mary’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, along with working at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, also at Queen Mary University.

In addition to Constantinou’s academic and post-doc research, Anthony Constantinou works as a freelancer, especially in the field of sports gambling. Companies that he freelances for include the UK’s Agena Lt. the JFE Steel Corporation in Japan, and the ICRAF World Agroforestry Centre, located in Kenya. He worked as a consultant and scientist at AgenaRisk in London too.

2018 proved to be a big year for Dr. Constantinou He became a “Turing Fellow by the Alan Turing Institute” and now works as the principal investigator on the EPSRC UKRI Innovation Fellowship Project. The Machine Learning Journal placed him in second place in the Machine Learning for Soccer competition.

In addition to all his accomplishments, Constantinou served in the military with the Greek Cypriot National Guard. He is bilingual in Greek and English. He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Hertfordshire. Visit This Page to learn more.


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