An Insight Into The Life Of Paul Herdsman, The COO Of NICE Global


The co-founder and current Chief Operating Officer of the Jamaica-based nearshore firm NICE Global, Paul Herdsman is a world-renowned entrepreneur with expertise on business development, sales and marketing, operations and customer management. NICE Global was built to provide high standards of customer service solutions to companies who outsource their processes. These services have been in practice for years and the fact that NICE Global making it available at very high standards of excellence helps them efficiently acquire and retain customers, minimize costs resulting in a higher amount of revenue for every client.

NICE Global is an all-rounder when it comes to handling its employees and clients. Not only do they give utmost importance to its clients, but they also have various programs and incentives for its employees. Merits based recognition and awards are given to hardworking and dedicated employees along with lucrative incentives thus promoting good work-life balance. Recently in an interview, Paul Herdsman talked about the functioning of NICE Global and his personal perceptions about the industry and his success. Paul gave a concise and precise description of how NICE Global generates revenue. He explained that their revenues are generated in exchange for the services they provide to their clients. Every secured deal is followed by goal creation and setting up of Key Competency parameters for monitoring progress on a daily basis.

When asked about the single most important marketing strategy, Paul was prompt to say how happy clients convey the feedback to their peers and the word spreads. He believes word-of-mouth is an effective traditional marketing strategy. See This Page to learn more.

He is adamant regarding transparency and ensures that every client is briefed in detail regarding NICE Global and a day-to-day progress report is made available to the clients as they trust them with their products and services. Paul understands that longevity in the industry requires an impeccable track record and high-quality service offering for years. Paul is highly optimistic regarding the growth and the current working status of NICE Global.




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