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Marc Beer is the co-founder of Renovia Inc. He attained funding of $32 million in the series B round. Mark also received $10 million for his startup company in venture debt. Marc is CEO and chairman of Renovia. He brings his exceptional experiences in commercializing, development of medical devises, biotechnology and diagnostics to the company. His major development of urinary incontinence products will help to diagnose and treat women with the pelvic floor disorder all over the world.


Renovia developed Leva, their first product, which was approved in April of 2018, by the Food and Drug Administration. Funding came from the Longwood Fund, who funded earlier ventures by Renovia. Longwood Fund invests in different health care issues by backing companies who are developing products for the public. The leaders of the Series B round were Ascension Ventures of Missouri and Perceptive Advisers of New York. With the companies working together to supply the finances, Renovia can develop and test four new products. Marc believes a new and better Leva product can be developed.


The new funding will help to educate women and the public on the analysis and management of pelvic floor disorders. With the company’s ingenuity and exclusive sensor technologies, Marc hopes to develop a digital health platform. The advanced technologies will hopefully produce new options and give customers valuable data.


As the public understands more about pelvic floor disorders, Marc believes the cost of long-term health care will come down. The company intends to develop solutions that will help to strengthen the pelvic floor and treat the disorder. With medical devices and an appthat is patient-based, and management of data, the goal would give women options about reclaiming control of their muscles in their pelvic floor.


Marc’s vision on the needs of a company to be developed that cares for urgent disorders lead Marc to create Renovia. In 2016, Marc along with Ramon Iglesias, M.D. and Yolanda Lorie, co-founded Renovia. Marc’s ability to see the need for solutions to public health issues is what lead him to develop ViaCell in April 2000. ViaCell is a biotechnology company that specializes in blood stem cells that come from the umbilical cord. The company develops the cells after collecting and preserving them. Marc brought the company from the very beginning to being a thriving profitable business in only seven years. The company went public in 2005 and employees over 300 people.


In 1987, Marc received his Bachelor in Science in Business. He received it from Miami University. At OvaScience, Marc was a Strategic Consultant. OvaScience focuses on options and treatments for infertility. Marc is also very service orientated and serves on the board of directors at the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation. Cancer patients and their families can receive both emotional and economic support from the foundation. Learn more:

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