Jason Hope Explains The Future Of The Internet Of Things (IoT) Technology

The turn of the millennium was characterized by rapid technological evolution. Today, this technology has seeped into virtually every aspect of technology including and is now key to influencing transport, banking, health, and even communication. Based on the rate with which technology is influencing various aspects of life Jason Hopes holds the opinion that the future of the planet is heavily dependent on the advancement of the internet and how we use technology to improve the quality of our lives.

Disruptive power

Jason Hope, a tech magnate, and entrepreneur believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) will eventually take over in the next few years. The connectivity achieved by these devices thus allowing for communication between these devices holds potentially disruptive force that will soon determine how people interact with one another and these smart devices.

In his recent e-book, Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution, Jason hHope reiterates IoT’s ability to improve the quality of life. He also points out that, IoT is not limited to computers, phones or tablets, but also includes vehicles, home appliances, security systems, and virtually with an IP address.

Looming technological revolution

Jason Hope asserts that the IoT revolution will influence a major change in technology, as it will make tech more affordable. His e-book also discusses in details the benefits that IoT will pose to an average person’s daily life. More importantly, he addresses the risks that IoT would trigger. Consequently, he covers essential details regarding the rules and regulations that govern IoT.

More about Jason Hope

Jason is the founder of a mobile communications company, Jawa, which helps people connect with technology more efficiently. Jawa also acts as a holding company for his other portfolios in the technology industry. He is also a specialist in marketing, interactive software and digital media solutions development, as well as computer and business information systems analyses.

The tech guru also has also proved his hand in philanthropy and donates regularly t different biotechnology companies specializing in the development of anti-aging drugs. He is also interested in medical technology that is dedicated to the eradication and prevention of chronic diseases.

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