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The work of China’s first stop e-commerce retailer,, has been recognized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. was awarded the Top End User Award which lauded the efforts in value addition to the cloud native open source projects.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation happens to be an open source community with a sole dedication to Kubernetes and technologies related to cloud native software stacks.

During the conference with CNCF, was presented with the prestigious award. The event was graced with various technologists and end users from across the industry in Shanghai. The conference addressed matters related to the broad development of open source technology.

As a pacemaker in the e-commerce front, Jingdong processes large chunks of information derived from the customer experience which needs to be accessible at all times promptly. Jingdong has grown from a product database of two billion images posted five years ago. Currently, Jingdong is reigning in a trillion in its product databases with a daily input of 100 million images. Read This Article to learn more.

This is the reason that they turned to CNCF Kubernetes to accommodate the rising trend in the databases. The move saw run on the larges cluster by CNCF in terms of production. The move has been applauded with the strong ties with CNCF pulling in more top developers, vendors and end users. The channel created has helped Jingdong add and also benefit from the open source development.

Due to the broad customer base, JD became the first platinum end user member for CNCF. This saw the firm enter into the board of governors for matters of revolutionizing for the future Foundation initiatives.

Many industry analysts see the move by as a potential growth for other retailers, partners when it comes to boosting the level of customer service. As evidence of the strong ties between the firms, there have been accomplished projects namely the Vitess, CNI, Helm and Prometheus through the collaboration.

After setting the tone for open source developments in the industry, is set to proceed with the work of making contributions to the cloud native technologies. Jingdong is also set to release some top shelf open source projects for the purposes of empowerment of the community.


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