Clayton Hutson’s Passionate Career in Music

A Man of Music

As a man of music, Clayton Hutson is currently making himself known in the music industry. He’s worked with many people from many different backgrounds and especially loves the rock genre. He has worked both as a sound engineer and production manager. Working on tour, he has helped with Guns N’ Roses and Kelly Clarkson. Clayton has also put in time helping with large corporate events.

Clayton accredits his success to a trustworthy crew and a keen attention to detail. He pictures the event and exactly what he wants to happen long before it does. This is what he tells Blogwepdia.

Clayton Hutson’s Background

Clayton has attended and graduated from Central Michigan University. There, he earned a degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. Throughout his schooling, he helped in many events by setting up equipment, lighting, driving trucks, and accomplishing the audio duties needed for the event. He has now spent 20 years in the music industry, mostly as an independent contractor. Claytons most recently has been working with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the head rigger on their “Soul2Soul” tour.

Rising to the Top

Over the years, we all face challenges throughout our lives. Clayton Hutson seems to take challenges head on. He welcomes the opportunity to analyze problems and make them right. This shows throughout the many obstacles he faced on a tour with Kid Rock. Despite the many problems that arose, in the end Kid Rock was a success each time.

Clayton always pushes for cutting edge technology and stage design to keep things fresh and appealing to the fans. He feels when people become complacent, they are soon obsolete. In todays continuously growing technology, Clayton is always on top and staying with the trend.

In the music industry, music events and tours fall through without the right production manager. That’s why so many well known artists like Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Gwen Stefani and the Backstreet Boys have counted on Clayton Hutson for their many music needs.

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