Ted Bauman is Lending His Financial Expertise

Ted Bauman has come a long way to give back to the community at large throughout his career. Ted has more than 25 years of exerpeince working throughout various non-profit organizations around the world, though most of his time was spent in South Africa. Not only is Ted a respected financial figure and investor, but he is a dedicated economist that is currently trying to help spread financial and investing knowledge to the public. Banyan Hill Publishing is the perfect platform for Ted Bauman to spread his knowledge and he has been employed with the company for five years.

Before Ted Bauman joined up with Banyan Hill in 2013, he spent most of his time and career traveling for his work, which made the position that much nicer for him. Although he’s enjoyed his travels, Ted is happy in his new position because he gets to spend more time with his family and doesn’t have to deal with so much commuting. In his new position as an editor for Banyan Hill, Ted can work from his own home, but he is still critical about his time management and always gets an early start to his day. As an economist, Ted researches for hours every single day to get the latest information on various financial markets and industries. The markets are always fluctuating, which means Ted Bauman will always be a reliable source and sought after expert that investors look to for information. To know more about him click here.

One of Ted’s most common pieces of information for the budding investor is to keep their portfolio’s diverse and expanding. One of the worst things a novice investor can do is put all of their eggs into one basket. This is something that should only be done by an experienced professional. As an educator, Ted has helped thousands of investors make better decisions and improve their portfolio through his own personally devised strategies.

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