Edwin Miranda Leads New American Funding Into Becoming A World-Class Service Provider

The New American Funding is a family-owned mortgage banker whose head office is in Tustin, California. The firm is committed to helping individuals and families secure homes through various financing options. The company was launched in 2003 as a call centre with 40 employees. Since then, the company has grown significantly due to its focus on impeccable service and efficient lending.

Services offered by New American Funding

This company works with a broad range of employees. Amongst them is the lead consultant Edwin Miranda. This company has devised various calculators to aid is mortgage evaluation. These calculators aid in the calculation of mortgage payment instalments, refinance comparison, and affordability estimation. Under the leadership of professionals such as Edwin Miranda, the company has over the years experienced immense growth.

This professional alongside other executives has led the company into the country’s leading lender. Together, they provide a broad range of services to companies such as FHA Direct Endorsement, Fannie Mac, VA Automatic mortgage lender, Fannie Mae, and Ginnie MAE Direct Seller/Servicer. Some of the services offered by New American Funding include;

• Fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages
• Cashouts
• Reverse mortgages
• HARP 2.0
• Conventional loans

According to Edwin Miranda, New American Funding has revolutionized its operations. It facilitates funding, processing, loan origination, and serving promptly. This company is known to treat its employees, clients, and partners with respect. Its business model is built on virtues of integrity. Edwin Miranda and his colleagues have fostered open communication among themselves and when dealing with customers.

This strategy has gone a long way in building trust among stakeholders. Officials at this company are known to update their customers about upcoming and trending issues on matters about credit and lending. This company often gives to charity. Among the groups, it support include Mercy House, Big Brothers, WHW, and Toys for Tots.

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