Papa John’s CEO Apologizes Amidst Founders Poor Conduct Leading to Massive Decline in Sales

If there’s one thing that companies need to be in today’s time, it is to be compassionate. Compassion truly does not come easily to some people. One of those people is John Schnatter, the founder of a well-known and leading pizza place in the United States Papa Johns. If you weren’t already familiar with the famous pizza place already because, well pizzas, you’re most definitely aware of it following John Schnatter incredibly questionable and down-right degrading conduct.

Basically, following a protest by NFL players towards the National Anthem in a display against the country’s rising and not-so-subtle any more racism, the founder of Papa Johns took it upon himself to fuel such a sensitive matter with ignorant comments remarking how the protest affected sales.

The rising number of deaths in the African-American community in the United States was nothing to compare pizza sales to, as a result of which the NFL quickly pulled Papa Johns as official sponsors. It didn’t just stop there. John Schnatter followed his spree of blatant racism by making racist remarks on a conference call which quickly became the center of much criticism. While one might consider this to be the ignorance of one man, in particular, people would undoubtedly withdraw their support from a company which inevitably benefits that ignorant man.

However, the CEO of Papa Johns, Steve Richie requests you to think otherwise. In an open letter to the public, Steve Richie pointed out that the words of one man had absolutely nothing to do with the thoughts and beliefs of 120,000 workers working throughout the United States. He pointed out that while anger towards the founder was warranted, these 120,000 people came from all over the nation and as a result of the protests their work was being compromised.

What is to be appreciated about Steve Richie’s words is the fact that not only did he distance himself and the company from John Schnatter blatant racism, but he also enlisted his new approach to provide more transparency to consumers by handling a project by himself which aimed at sending senior staff throughout their restaurants across America to highlight cultural and racial sensitivity and to embrace compassion.

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