search JingDong China’s Pride and Online Retailer of the Year

Online shopping has greatly changed in recent years. Because of the incredible support that vendors have received as well as technological expansion, it is clear that there will continue to be a trend towards online commerce and shopping. JingDong has been at the forefront of this revolution throughout the county of China. They have also started offering services t o those in other areas and parts of the world. is the main website where consumers can shop for anything from shoes to groceries. With a constantly increasing inventory of items as well as competitively priced options, it is no surprise that has been greatly accepted and used by people in China. Many of the products are manufactured locally and are significantly less expensive than traditional retailers. These competitive advantages in addition to having fast delivery makes the whole process of shopping easier with Jing Don.

The innovations sparked by their success have been one of a kind. Because of large volumes of data, they needed to do something to increase their server capacity. The solution was to move much of the data and information to a personalized cloud computing system. Not only did this enhance the way that the organization operated but it has significantly improved the overall standards of operation throughout the website. Fast load times despite trillions of images and data points being utilized indicate the success of their system and its implementation.

Overall the way that has continued to grow is unique and unlike most other systems. They have continually developed solutions to incumbent technology problems and are surfacing as one of the largest online retailers in the world. They also are open minded to new modalities of service including drone technology and VR. JingDong has been noted as one of the pioneers in China and recognized for their optimum industrial efficiency. Greater productivity and better services are just a few of the ways that JingDong has won national and international acclaim. Their adaptability and interest in novel technology are sure to spearhead unilateral change for years to come.

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