“How Marc Beer Helps in the Fight Against Pelvic Floor Disorders “

Marc Beer is the Co-Founder, chairman, and CEO of Renovia Inc., a company that focuses on women’s pelvic health. The company was founded in 2016 and has been on the forefront in providing solutions and medication to women suffering from pelvic floor disorders with the help of technology. Marc Beer has nearly three decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology, and devices. The CEO collaborated with Ramon Iglesiasto get Renovia where it is today.


Marc Beer’s experience and knowledge comes from his input in different Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies he has worked with before. His passion for biotechnology, diagnostics, and marketing is what drives him every day. His main goal is to see that every woman with a pelvic condition gets the help they need.


Renovia Inc. CEO has a lot of skills and knowledge in his industry. He is proficient in his work and puts in his all when handling clients and patients. Marc beer has previously served as chairman for Minerva Neurosciences, Good Start Genetics, and Myolex (Skulpt). He is also the chairman and co-founder of LumeNXT; one of the few surgical device firms that have introduced the use of non-tethered LED illumination in the industry.


Being the CEO, Marc Beer ensures that everyone in Renovia works towards commercializing products that can be utilized during first-line diagnosis and treatment to better the lives of women who live with pelvic floor disorders. Renovia uses medical device technology that visualizes pelvic movement. The company also has an app that can be used to monitor the condition of those suffering from pelvic floor disorders.


Patients suffering from urinary incontinence can also get help from the Boston-based healthcare firm. Technology has played a significant role in helping women who battle the condition. The CEO always pays attention to the advancement in technology and is constantly researching on any new method that can enable Renovia to improve the lives of women. Marc Beer recently donated $42 million to help in the treatment and care of women suffering from the pelvic condition. Research has shown that over 250 million women in the world suffer from pelvic floor disorders. Many women will benefit from Marc Beer’s donation and effort to help manage the condition. Learn more:


Renovia’s Leva is FDA-approved and it aids in supporting pelvic floor muscles. It is also utilized for treating stress, both slight and mixed, to regulate urgency to women who lack urinary self-restraint. The company is creating a product pipeline that will effectively diagnose and treat patients who lack urinary self-restraint and any other pelvic floor disorder. When not working, Marc Beer enjoys doing charity work and participating in events that encourage philanthropy. He also enjoys being an entrepreneur and doing global marketing.


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