Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Instagram Surgeon…And Mom.

Social Media has been a worldwide phenomenon and it has been used by millions and millions of people to share their everyday activities, hobbies, interests and works. Because of the reach of social media, it has also been used as a platform for business. Social Media is such an effective tool for marketing your work because of the effortless sharing of data. One click of the share button, and your work will be viewed and shared exponentially. This makes social media a tool for marketing that is essentially free, serviced by your followers (and if you don’t avail of advertisement boosts).

One of the most famous platforms of social media is Instagram. It is a photo and video sharing application that can be used on your smartphone or on your computer. There are millions of Instagram users which makes it an obvious choice for marketing your business, or just sharing your life experiences.

One certain individual has found the perfect crosspoint between business marketing and life sharing – and this is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a household name in the industry of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden is best known for her work that can metaphorically turn back time by making your face look younger than before (something that is sought by a lot of matured women, like moms!) Not only can she do excellent work on your face, she is also very well skilled in procedures concerning the body, like breasts. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also very well known for her hair restoration programs.

But more than this, she is very well loved and very cherished by her following because of the things she shares on Instagram. Her Instagram profile is the perfect mix of work and family. Dr. Jennifer Walden feautures and shares his very memorable and cute experiences with her children – and this multiplies with her niche market: Moms. People would want something that they can relate to and Dr. Walden’s Instagram profile is exactly that. The way she combines her plastic surgery works and skills, with her familial side of being a mom is well loved by audiences everywhere – and this essentially boosts her business as well.

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