Ryan Seacrest: America’s Idol

Ryan Seacrest is tv host, he stared on many shows and made appearances on the radio. The man is very well among America’s televisions. The smart and entrepreneurial man was born here in the United States of America, in a city Atlanta, Georgia. He went to the University of Georgia, gaining a degree in journalism. Before American Idol, he was broadcasting for his local radio show, before coming to California to pursue a new chapter in being a broadcaster.

The talented man hosted his own radio show called “On the Air with Ryan”. It is his morning drive show, that is featured on iHeatMedia 102.7 KIIS-FM. It mainly airs in Los Angeles. On top of which he also hosts “Top 40” radio show. You can catch his first radio show between 6 am to 10 am.

Not only being a radio host he also was on television in a few different shows. Shows such as Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan Seacrest was the co-host and producer of the morning talk show. He joined Kelly Ripa permanently as of May of last year. There show still averages around 3 million viewers.

For the of lack attention to skin care for men, Ryan Seacrest has created something just for that. It is called Polished. He worked with Dr. Lancer, a well-known dermatologist for skin for men. Along with the skin care line, he has a clothing line called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” for men as well; being able to sell his clothing line Macy’s.

Ryan Seacrest is a philanthropist, being so he put all his efforts, time and money into a foundation he created. It is called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation or RSF for short. The foundation helps provide broadcasting service in pediatric hospitals, counting up ten so far.

Ryan Seacrest is a smart and kind man, beloved by many. With roles as host or co-host on a variety of shows, it would make sense he would reprise his hosting role on American Idol.

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