The Career And Legacy Of Serge Belamant

On December 11 2018 published an article on French inventor and blockchain creator, Serge Belamant. He was born in 1953 in Tulle, France and began his career in 1975 to 1976 at 22. His company, Net1 Technologies, was founded on October 1989.

Serge Belamant works as a top software developer, but his products have been used to great effect in the financial districts. Banks, governments, and individuals alike have benefited by his technologies by allowing them faster process different activities, such as investments, deposits, withdraws, and payments. Serge Belamant’s technology is also used as the basis for multiple cryptocurrencies.

For those wondering what exactly blockchain is, blockchain technology is a list compilation formed together by cryptography. Individual pieces of this compilation all feature a cryptographic timestamp and transaction data. The blockchain technology was originally created for different types of financial services to improve transparency, data accuracy, and security for organizations and individuals. To develop blockchain technology, Serge Belamant used smart cards. These cards feature microprocessors that can be used online and offline.

In 1995 Serge Belamant completed his COPAC (Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card) Project for Visa. During the project’s development, Serge combined two of his previously established technologies together to create the COPAC. The completion of this project proved to be a big breakthrough for both Visa and Serge’s company Net1. Net1 would have another big break later in 1999 by buying CPS (Cash Payment Services) from the First National Bank of South America. Under Net1’s ownership, the CPS would be combined with Serge’s own created UEPS (Universal Electronic Payment System). The combination increased security and speed with CPS.

In 2005 Serge successfully got Net1 Technologies included on a list of public companies on the NASDAQ in New York. At the peak of Net1 Technologies, the company reached $200 Billion in US Dollars.

The success of blockchain technology has made its way into other industries, namely the video game industry. The crossover between these two mediums promises great expansion and high-quality content for both.

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