Doe Deere Makes More Waves with Poppyangeloff

Since Doe Deere started Lime Crime, she’s been an important person in the makeup and beauty industry. She knows a lot about helping people and trying to give back to everyone who needs the bright colors and options that come from the makeup brand. She started the brand out of a necessity for something vegan and something that came in a lot of bright colors. Doe Deere is a bold person who didn’t have many options for makeup. She doesn’t like neutral tones and didn’t want to spend time decorating her face just so she could look the same as before she put makeup on. Doe Deere decided to start trying different colors and different things, but the makeup was poor quality and was bad for Doe Deere’s face. She wanted to do something on her own and create a makeup brand that allowed her to fully express who she was.

Once Lime Crime was born, people began seeing all the great options they could get. Some people purchased because of the colors while others purchased because it was cruelty-free. Doe Deere wanted to make sure she could cater to everyone so she did that with the options she had. It was her goal to always let people know they could get a great makeup brand and they could get fun colors without compromising who they were. Doe Deere always spent time learning about how she could make things easier for other people when they wanted to have a different look from others.

As Doe Deere grew Lime Crime, she knew she could do things differently in other areas. Doe Deere is interested in fashion the same way she is in other beauty options. It’s her goal to always express herself through her clothes in a way that’s similar to what she does with makeup. Poppyangeloff is Doe Deere’s way of breaking into the fashion industry. She wants people to see what she can do and how they can try different things. It’s her goal to always let others know they can try to express themselves through fashion in a way that feels good.

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