Stream Energy Journey in Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility

Hurricanes are synonymous with massive distractions and sadly the loss of lives. Hurricane Harvey was no different, and one of the areas that were affected heavily was Dallas. Dallas as a geographical location has some of the most vibrant micro-economy in the USA. However, this incident affected the life in this locality, and the companies in this geographic area were not spared in this distraction. Thanks to Stream Energy, the situation was handled perfectly. The company had a duo approach to the situation. First, the main aim was to save lives and second, save property. Fortunately, the company saved lives as well as saving properties, especially for their customers.

This particular scenario was instrumental because it was a base for Stream Energy ratifying its aspirations for philanthropy through a foundation. Foundations are one of the best ways a company can improve its influence in the world of philanthropy without affecting the functionality of the company. Thanks to Stream Cares, it is now easier for Stream Energy to contribute to different courses without affecting the company’s basic operations. This development is consistent with the global trend where companies are separating their basic operations with the philanthropic courses. Apart from the course being one to the best approaches to philanthropy, Stream Cares shows that the company is consistent with global changes.

Apart from Stream Energy getting a lot of credit for helping thousands of people in Dallas, it was the best approach to its thousands of Energy consumers. According to pundits, Stream Cares sets another tradition in the corporate world. It was the best indication that the relationship between the corporate and its customer should not be restricted to just business dealings. Furthermore, the company’s approach to business is arguably the best business model in the world. For the recent past, the business model of Stream Energy has been used as a case study for different market experts especially on empowering basic consumers and more importantly its distributors. It is through this model that the company has been able to empower hundreds of distributors in Dallas.

According to Stream Energy, 2019 will be a year of more allocation of resources on its philanthropic courses and better distribution channels for its products.

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