Nicolas Krafft’s Loyalty to L’Oréal

L’Oréal has been dedicated to science and beauty for decades. The company continues to influence and transform the world through beauty. This is not possible without the loyalty and support of their customers as well as the members and staff. An example would be the Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft, who contributed to the company’s growth.

Nicolas Krafft graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of St. Gallen. He had past experiences with L’Oréal before becoming the company’s Vice President of Global Business Development. He worked as a Marketing Director for Kerastase, Marketing Director for Asia and the Deputy General Manager for Eastern Europe.

L’Oréal Ethics Day

The company ensures that ethics is part of their development and activities. Ethics day revolves around L’Oréal’s members who are committed to working hand in hand, it inspires employees and brings them together during Ethics Day. The 2018 Ethics Day showed that each and every member of the company grows, becomes more mature, and remains interested in the event. More than 60% of their employees from over 71 countries have participated in the 2018 Ethics Day and during the event, all questions regarding local issues are answered.

L’Oréal strives to improve their quality of service as well as their products. On the other hand, their members and team also value ethics. The company was able to shape its reputation because of their strong principles. According to L’Oréal’s Chief Ethics Officer and Senior Vice-President, Emmanuel Lulin, the company has four important principles of ethics that they all follow to ensure and these are:

The principles serve as their guide to philanthropy, innovating responsibly, showing respect and value for the environment, societal responsibility, and regard for human rights. The company was built with integrity in order to sustain good relationships and trust, built with respect since all decisions and activities they do impacts and reflects their stakeholders, built with courage in order to confidently answer questions and make a solution, and built with transparency in order to be able to justify their actions all throughout the organization.

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