Impact of Herbalife Nutrition Firm to the Community

Herbalife, a global nutrition firm, has made significant contributions to the community and the general public at large. Established in 1980 by Mark Hughes, Herbalife Nutrition also extends its service to various institutions together with aid services to charity organizations.

Impact Basketball Center

Herbalife Nutrition recently proclaimed their partnership with Impact Basketball for two years renaming it to Herbalife Nutrition Impact Basketball Center based Las Vegas. The company will offer nutritional services to all players in all of their training camps as a means of improving their fitness in the game. The opening ceremony attracted former players, the management and the public in general to celebrate Herbalife Nutrition contributions to the team.

The partnership aims at supporting the teams’ ability, which has over two hundred players ranging from professional players, college and high school students. It also aims at developing skills for coaches, trainers and all the teams worldwide who train at the facility through the benefits of better nutrition. The company stated that Herbalife Nutrition products are free from banned elements and verified to be fit for athletes who participate in the event.–b/

Herbalife Nutrition Support to the American Redcross

The company made a significant contribution to the American Redcross with a donation of some of its products which included Herbalife Nutrition Protein Delux Bars. The aid supported one hundred and twenty blood donation centers and is set to reach other institutions worldwide. Despite beginning its donations four years ago, Herbalife Nutrition has continued supporting the organization with the bars which is a perfect snack for donors enhancing their nutrition balance after blood donation.

Other than donations, Herbalife Nutrition also has contributed in other areas which include the motivation of donors in donating blood through hosting more than fifty blood drives in different office locations in the United States. It also established a van that operates in Southern California to collect blood from donors and distribution of blood to various centers. Herbalife Nutrition also engages its large number of employees to donate blood which has accelerated the donation drive for the organization.

Herbalife frequently partners with the American Redcross in campaigns, and during the event of a crisis such as earthquakes and fires. Some of the crusades involve The Missing Types Campaign to recruit members who have the major blood groups which are rare and have a high demand. Herbalife Nutrition also partnered with the organization during the major hurricane that hit southeastern parts of the United States providing shelters and other supplies to the affected victims. Visit

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