Isabel dos Santos, the African Women Icon

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former Angolan president Eduardo dos Santos. She is very influential owing to her greatly immersed wealth through various investments. She participated in the 2019 African summit and defended the development of Africa. She argued that for Africa to develop, it must go digital, and this will happen in the next revolution (BBC).


The story behind Isabel dos Santos

She is the firstborn daughter of Eduardo dos Santos of Angola. She loved education despite the many challenges girls underwent during her times. She studied in the All Girls School at Kent before proceeding to king’s college to pursue electrical engineering. At the college, she met the now her husband from Kinshasa, and the two have three children.

Career development

Isabel dos Santos has held several managerial positions in well-recognized firms. Shemanaged the Urbana project before venturing in the telecoms. She also opened the Miami Beach club on the Beach of Luanda. This was her very first business. The success of this business motivated her to launch in other holdings both locally and abroad.

Isabel dos Santos’s Portugal Investments

When she discovered the ready market and ample investment opportunities in Portugal, she did not hesitate. She has invested in media, telecoms and retail business among others.

She is a shareholder of the Nova Cimangola cement company and also the leading shareholder in the ZON Multimedia. Her shares are almost 30% of the total company shares. She has also significantly invested in the Angolan oil company. She is a co-founder of Banco Bic, a company that she takes part in its board meetings.She is a non-executive member of the ZON board of directors. These are among the great achievements Isabel dos Santos has had in her business career.

Key speaker

Isabel is a key speaker for the African women. She represents the women on special occassions besides educating them to venture into business for financial freedom. Isabel dos Santos is also a keynote speaker. She talked on behalf of Africa in the recently concluded summit and suggested for the digitalization of the African continent for development.


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