Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Is In the Spotlight With Captain Marvel

Sunday Riley’s skin improving best seller Good Genes is a favorite for skincare enthusiasts at stores like Sephora. With an eye-catching name and an ability to visibly reduces the signs of sun damage and aging on the skin, Good Genes is a fan favorite. The one product that every woman should try from the Sunday Riley skincare product line is the Good Genes All in One Lactic Acid Treatment. In a rare marketing move, Sunday Riley has brought out a limited-edition Good Genes associated with the movie Captain Marvel.

The Marvel inspired edition of Good Genes All- in- One Lactic Acid treatment takes its cues from the movie for the packaging. The crest of Captain Marvel played by actress Brie Larson features prominently on the bottle, and a picture of the actress is displayed on the box. The fan fav formula of Good Genes remains unchanged, and devotees of the skincare product can expect the same results as always.

The limited-edition Marvel packaging may induce new buyers to purchase this bottle for its Marvel tie- in, but this skincare product is a superhero. The Good Genes All- in- One Lactic Acid Treatment has a reputation for reducing the signs of sun damage, evening out the skin tone, and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with green technology and a blend of botanicals Good Genes has succeeded with skin enthusiasts.

Good Genes All in One Lactic acid Treatment gently exfoliates the skin of dead skin cells with its purified lactic acid. Aloe Vera has historically been recognized for its benefits to the skin, and Sunday Riley uses the plant to help soothe the skin. Good Genes is a good alternative for people with sensitive skin that can’t use harsh and abrasive exfoliants.

The captain Marvel Good Genes Treatment will head to Sephora on the same day that Captain Marvel the movie appears on the big screen at AMC movie theaters. On Mach 8th you can enjoy watching actress Brie Larson in her role as Captain Marvel on the big screen and also pick up a bottle of Good Genes All in One Lactic Acid treatment.

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