NRP Blogger Anya Kamenetz’s Publication about Rocketship Education Was Highly Unbalanced

Rocketship Education has been gaining popularity for the quality education that they offer. However, an NRP blogger by the name Anya Kamenetz published an article that was full of incitement and negativity towards Rocketship. Her main point of focus was on the internal practices within the public charter school.

Many critics came out in support of Rocketship. Rocketship supporters commented that it is not fair to compare public charter schools to other neighborhood schools. After reading through the publication by Anya Kamenetz, you will realize that she has centered on the questionable practices that are present in the Rocketship Education network. Anya Kamenetz also went ahead to speculate that these are standard practices within public charter schools since they only focus on ensuring that students have good grades.

Anya Kamenetz wrote about the pressure inflicted on students, the long studying hours, and the irregular classroom protocols that are in use. Such practices have been highly scrutinized. Recently, Rocketship embraced a tech-heavy model that has, in turn, hindered the expansion goals of the institution. The publication brewed a lot of controversy throughout various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Anya Kamenetz never bothered to include information about why institutions such as Rocketship Education have gained so much popularity over the years. She also never gave some insight as to why such institutions may be indulging in such practices. See the story in details here

Other questions that arose are such as whether Rocketship Education is the only institution that supposedly limits bathroom breaks. Why are parents not exiting Rocketship despite the allegations by Anya Kamenetz? After scrutinizing the publication by the head blogger at NRP, you will realize that it is controversial. The choice of words used brought about some sensitivity in the education world. Anya Kamenetz made the public charter school seem like a profitable agency instead of a nonprofit organization. She was referring to Rocketship Education as a company. The defenders of Rocketship Education were quick to point out that public charter schools such as Rocketship Education rely on funding from donors and for-profit corporations. As a result, the tax exemption issue is negligible.

Despite the criticism, the network has grown and learnt from the past as seen in this article.

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