Dr. Dov Rand’s Special Way of Dealing with Aging Symptoms

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers is headed by Dr. Dov Rand who is a specialist in both physical medicine and rehabilitation. He studied at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Yeshiva University and later on pursued his post graduate from the Howard University. He gives focus and special attention to the various patients who are aging and helps them deal with aging. He is well known for his special and innovative methods of offering treatment to his patients. Dr. Rand’s field of specialization is not interested in getting the cure for a disease but its focus is highly based on making life to be of better quality. This method is known to be very effective in dealing with ailments that make the patient’s lives stressful.

Dr . Dov Rand is a known expert in handling various issues such as low libido, insomnia (lack of sleep), depression, fatigue and anxiety. The Healthy Aging Medical Centers offer various services including weight loss services and hormone therapies. Dr. Rand works hand in hand with specialists from other medical areas to treat a patient. He uses the Bioidentical Hormone Therapy which is an exact replica of the patient’s hormonal system. This therapy is considered very safe for most patients.

The various age-related hormonal issues are a cup of tea for Dr. Dov Rand. He carried out a research and discovered that the major difference between the young and the old was the high number of the useful hormones found in the bodies of youths. These hormones include estrogen, human growth hormone, progesterone and many more. Dr. Rand prescribes a special diet for his patients which assists them in the weight loss journey. He also helps those male patients dealing with the issue of low testosterone hormone in their bodies. He advises his patients to practice yoga, healthy eating, cardiovascular and strength training.

Dr. Dov Rand is always focused about increasing his knowledge by attending various conferences. Both his patients and fellow doctors are highly motivated and excited about him.

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