search Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Current Business Issues

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a leading entrepreneur in China. He founded the largest retailer in the nation known as Recently, Richard Liu sat down to talk about his background and how he got involved in entrepreneurship. Liu also talked about how his company operates in terms of serving customers, shipping merchandise and also how he uses innovation to improve the operations of When Richard talked with a panelist, he also discussed his previous background before founding During this discussion, he talked about how he started up a restaurant while he was in college as well as talking about his previous business ventures prior to starting up the company he runs now.

Before Richard Liu Qiangdong founded, he spent a number of years studying computer science and sociology. While he was in college, he completed a degree in sociology as well as educating himself in computer programming. During his college years, Richard Liu started up a business in the food services industry. While this venture did not work out long term, it gave Liu practical experience in running a business. After he completed college, Richard worked as a freelance computer programmer. Within a few years, he would eventually get employment at a company called Japan Life. While working at this top company, Richard served as the director of computing.

While he had a successful career in the technology field, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to start up another business. He began forming a company that sold magneto optic products. During the first year, the company was quite successful. However it would eventually go out of business. This business venture allowed Richard Liu to realize that he needed to emphasize ecommerce and internet sales in order to have a successful retail business. As a result, he decided to start up and build it into one of the leading retailers in the world. While running, Liu has built the company into a top retailer that sells a wide variety of products to consumers. It has also been among the most generous and innovative companies as well. has donated to a number of causes to help improve the community.

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