Ted Bauman Advises Investors to Invest in PayPal

Ted Bauman is an experienced financial investment adviser with over 20 years worth of experience in the financial sector. Bauman who hails from America spent close to 25 years working in the non-profit finance and housing sector in South Africa. Hope while in SA helped establish a humanitarian housing organization known as Slum Dwellers International that helped people acquire new decent houses in impoverished slums. Hope attended college in SA and earned two degrees in economics as well as in history. Bauman during his time in South Africa served in various governmental and non governmental agencies as asset protection, privacy, finance, and international relations consultant among other roles. Ted Bauman in 2013 joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team. Bauman at the firm is the author of three leading newsletters known as the Alpha Stock Alert, Bauman Letter and Plan B Club.

All of Bauman’s writing revolves around low risks investments plans including asset protection and migration issues. Ted Bauman in one of his recent articles advises his loyal readers to invest in PayPal. According to Bauman, the cash payment methodology is becoming outdated, and people are now shifting towards cashless online payment systems. Although there are those people who are conservatives and are still stuck in the cash payment system majority of the people nowadays prefer making transactions through plastic cards, apps or through auto-pay features on websites says, Bauman. Credit and debit cards are the most used mode of payment currently in gas stations and retail stores. However, due to technological advancement, people are now shifting to the digital online platform to make purchases and make transactions.

For this reason, PayPal is gaining popularity and is the most lucrative investment opportunity says, Bauman. Ted Bauman warns investors against investing in firms such as Discover and Visa as the credit card companies will be pushed out of the market by the emerging cashless payment systems that are emerging almost every year. Although there is stiff competition among online cashless payment companies such as Google Wallet and Apple, PayPal still stands out as a giant. PayPal is a PYPL New York Stock Exchange Company and is a pioneer in the cashless online payments. The company has grown over the years to become a global company that provides transaction services such as sending and receiving money, gifts, and payment of contractors among others. The firm boasts of having more than 200 million users globally.

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