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Mike Baur Offers Innovation And Execution

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In the world today, it is important for anyone to exhibit many kinds of essential qualities. The right kind of help can help anyone learn how to tap into such qualities in order to help them find such qualities within themselves. This is something that Mike Baur fully understands. He knows that innovation and execution…

What Sleep Apnea Is And What Avi Weisfogel Is Doing About

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Sleep apnea is a condition that actually comes in different forms. There is central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea. There is also a certain mixture that people often face. During an apnea episode, the upper airways are blocked which interfere with the quality of sleep. The interference is actually caused by the upper airways becoming…

IAP Worldwide Services Provides Afghanistan with a Modern Air Traffic Control System

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Afghanistan has sought IAP for development of a state of the art Air Traffic Control System. Readiness Management Support, a subsidiary of IAP, was tasked with the role of developing such an elaborate system. The previous control center was extremely outdated as it neither supported radar nor visual flight rule services in the Kabul Flight…

Two Names. Same Face. Laidlaw and Company

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SUMMARY: Sands Brothers & CO, a brokerage firm, were facing several arbitration law suits that left them to hand out millions of dollars in rewards to previous clients who sued the company over their investment practices. The attorney’s representing clients in the arbitration cases began to recognize the number of large arbitration cases pending and informed their clients on the likelihood of them not receiving their full settlement agreement due to insufficient funds to satisfy all arbitration cases against Sands & Brothers Co. Many clients were advised by their attorney’s to settle for a lower reward in order to reap the total funds won but the offers were declined. In efforts to slow the payment process down to figure out a plan to avoid the payment of arbitration rewards, Sands & Brothers Co. continuously appealed all arbitration settlements and withdrew from the New York Stock Exchange; They later also applied to withdraw as a broker-dealer from the NASD knowing that non-members are not subject to penalties, including suspension. It came to surface that Sands Brothers International Ltd was soon changed to Laidlaw & Co. Ltd, a secure and healthy brokerage with a clean record. Clients with arbitration cases against Sands & Brothers Co. began to worry that assets would soon be transferred to Laidlaw & Co. Ltd. in efforts to conceal assets and avoid paying rewards. In 2003, the NASD resurrected new policy stating that any brokerage desiring to transfer more than 25% of their assets must seek approval first; However, it was too late to demand Sands & Brothers Co. to follow protocol as they had already withdrawn from the organization and were non-members. Clients were again advised, this time by Sands & Brothers Co. attorneys, to accept less than half of the settlement reward. Clients continued to reject the offer and attorneys continued to contact the NYSE and NASD, who at this time, was no longer accepting communication stating, “they can’t force the company to honor it’s arbitration awards, now that it’s no longer a member”.   Laidlaw & Company is a well-known investment banking firm that operates nationally and internationally, with its parent company located in the UK. Their vision is focused on “…providing comprehensive investment banking services to emerging growth companies and wealth management services to institutions and individuals.” The firm is currently under the direct supervision of CEO Matthew Eitner and Head of Capital Markets James Ahern. Both executives have backgrounds in investment banking and are active supporters of charitable endeavors focusing on education. Both men have also been subject to preliminary injunction endorsed by the U.S. Federal Court just last year: “The Court Order enjoins Laidlaw and Messrs. Eitner and Ahern from ‘continuing to disseminate false and misleading proxy material’,” in efforts of taking over Relmada Therapeutics.   Two Names. Same Face.   I find it not by accident that Laidlaw & Co’s foundation, established on deception and manipulation, managed to create hairline cracks into craters through the company decades later. It appears that the idle rumor hidden beneath the firm resurrected, with its swift and crafty methods of appearance, to rear its ugly head when CEO Matthew Eitner and Head of Capital Markets James Ahern were issued restraining orders and an associate injunction against them for disseminating false and misleading proxy materials in December 2015.   Coincidence? Allow me to pay tribute to the history of Laidlaw & Co. and exactly how it became relevant by drawing attention to the specific reason for their existence. Scandal! Laidlaw & Co, formerly named Sands Brothers & Co., was solely established to avoid and cover up arbitration cases against brokers working on behalf of Sands Brothers & Co at the time. I find it to no surprise that years later the firm with two names, yet has the same face.      

Kabbalah – Improving Lives Through Spirituality by Unlocking Life’s Mysteries

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Kabbalah is ancient knowledge that explains how the universe works and how mankind can apply its principles to improving life. It has been described as the oldest sacred document in existence. The Kabbalah can best be described as a collection of principles outlining a spiritual way of life given to humanity through divine revelation. The…


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IAP WORLDWIDE is a company which has been existence since 1953, for over sixty three years. They have come a long way, and still have room for growth in all sectors of operation! That is how it should be with any respected and serious, healthy organization….previous growth and history of achievement, with steady yet constant…

The Career Accomplishments of Dick DeVos

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Dick DeVos is an established business person who hails from Michigan. DeVos has served as Chief Executive Officer in numerous business companies. His career started when he was a child where he participated in his family’s businesses such as Amway. He assisted in carrying simple operations in their company. He holds a Bachelors degree in…

FreedomPop Is Offering Many Kinds Of Wireless Services

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Even when many different reviews are conducted of the different cell phone service providers, it’s still very difficult if not impossible to tell which company is the best. There’s no single company that is the best overall, but it’s fair to say that each cell phone service provider offers one service that others don’t or…

How Madison Street Capital Is Influencing The Investment Banking Industry

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Investment banking is a broad field that may be defined in many different ways depending on the situation being analyzed. Put in simple language, investment banking involves the creation of capital on behalf of other entities, companies and governments. In this case it is the role of the investment bank to underwrite debt and provide…

Wen by Chaz Is A Top Quality Hair Products Brand

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Are you looking for a reliable or quality hair products line? Want to find the best hair conditioner or styling treatment for your hair? Perhaps you have heard a lot about Wen by Chaz brand but never really thought much about it. After spending a fortune on hair products that didn’t produce impressive results I…

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