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George Soros: The Future Of The European Union

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In a recent interview by the New York Book Review, George Soros discussed his views and involvement in the current European Union crisis. In the interview, Soros talked about several world leaders and their involvement in the current crisis in Europe. Soros also discussed a few potential solutions and what the future looks like for…

“Queens Of Drama” Look To Bring Daytime Soaps Back To TV

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The “Queens Of Drama” scripted reality TV show has brought a number of famous faces from the world of daytime TV back to the screen as they seek a deal for a newly created show. Well known female soap stars including Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, and Chrystee Pharris are amongst the well known former soap…

New Survey Reveals Startling Facts About Online Friendships

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On February 3rd, the International Online Friendship Day was celebrated. This day serves as a day to realize how our connections around the world play a function in our daily lives. The newest technology Skout, is an app available globally that help people all over the work expand their social interactions. In a recent study…

Kyle Bass: Making Money at Any Cost

Posted by in Bad Side of Business

There are some individuals who do whatever they can in order to make money. There are some individuals who will simply do what is right and work with other professionals in order to make sure this happens. However, there are others who will take advantage of other people and even exploit the suffering of other…

Brian Torchin Produces Amazing Results Via Social Media Referrals

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Brian Torchin, founder of HCRC Staffing says there’s been a major shift in recruiting, especially when it comes to social media tools. Social networks are relevant tools in recruitment today, provided you know their characteristics and advantages. According to Glassdoor, a whopping 86% of job seekers use social media sites, yet a meager two to…

Five Useful Investing Tips of Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler

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At the beginning of 2016, there are many concerns around the world, including stock exchange declines, global productivity and currency valuation. In this uncertain environment, it is important to adhere to solid investing strategies. The five useful investing tips of Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler can guide you through troubling times. “In 2008 Housing Prices…

FreedomPop Overseas And Around The World

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There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that you saved a bundle on your phone bills, and for me that means that I don’t have to pay anything to have a phone because I use FreedomPop. What is FreedomPop, you may ask yourself. FreedomPop is the new way to have a phone without…

Public health And Safety Remains A Top Priority For Sergio Cortes

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Understanding the need for the best possible information to keep the public as fit and healthy as possible is something Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes has placed at the heart of his time as the Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro. The medical doctor has spent much of the last few years seeking the best…

Need A Date Or More Friends? Skout’s The Right App For You

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With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, dating apps like Skout are certain to grow in popularity as single people look at their friends, who are happily in relationships, and they wish that they could find a special someone as well. Skout should become even more popular than other dating apps; people who are looking for a…

One of the Leading New York Attorneys: Abelow

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Anywhere you go throughout your life there may be situations where you need to have attorney representation. If you are in the New York area, the best attorney for you to turn to for assistance is Ross Abelow. Whether you need individual representation or representation for your business, Mr. Abelow practices in a variety of…

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