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CEO Darius Fisher Talks Own Reputation Crisis

Posted by in Digital Marketing, Public Relations

Status Labs has risen into prominence as one of the premier companies in the world of online reputation management. When a company needs to improve their reputation, attend to a digital crisis, or get ahead of potential issues — they called CEO Darius Fisher and the rest of the crew at Status Labs. It might…

Coworking Spaces Making a Huge Comeback

Posted by in New York, Shared Office

via – The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy Coworking spaces that were abundantly popular in the 15th century were not even a figment to take into consideration mere years ago. But, just when we thought that the “time of creativity and collaboration” through shared office spaces was long gone, it surprisingly reemerges and makes…

Farm to Table : Birthday Style!

Posted by in Event Planners

Jessica Boskoff, founder and CEO of New York City-based event planning firm Twenty-Three Layers, recently executed an adorable farm-themed party for her own lucky birthday boy, Teddy. Featuring board books for the children, red checkered tablecloths, sweet treats for all palates, and of course, apples galore, her eye for design was on full display, delighting…

Why Creating A Wikipedia Entry Is Not As Easy As It Appears

Posted by in Authorship, Businesses Growing

  A recent Science Alert article talks what many people see happening to Wikipedia, yet no one talks about it. The Wikipedia community has gone from a place where freely disseminated knowledge was the ideal to a bloated bureaucracy where a few elite determine what entries are created and edited. The article goes on to…

I found friendship on Skout!

Posted by in Apps

Today’s world is so cluttered with technology that, ironically, it can be hard to effectively socialize. Finding new friends and/or even dates can be a time consuming process due in part to every person you pass on the street being so absorbed into their phone or tablet to take much notice of the world around…

Investment Banking Firms for Individuals and Businesses

Posted by in Banking Firms

For anyone who wants to invest their money and funds, it can always be tricky to do it on your own. This is why an investment bank is often the best choice for those who might be interested in it for themselves. For example, a company like Laidlaw & Company has been around for years…

Beneful Has Reformulated It’s Dog Food Line

Posted by in Dog Food Products

The hottest trend in pet care is providing your pet with healthy, quality, and familiar ingredients. People regard their pets as family members and want to be sure they are serving them the best high-quality food available. Beneful is a very popular dog food made by PurinaStore. Created in 2001 Beneful has managed to feed…

Solo Capital Is The Leader On Boutique Investing

Posted by in Autism Fundraising, Business Leaders

Solo Capital is the idea that Sanjay Shah had for boutique investing. He wanted to make sure that he had a place for his clients to come that was comfortable, and he wanted to be sure that all the people that came to invest with him were going to feel valued. The boutique style is…

Wen: Making Hair Look Better

Posted by in Hair Care Line recently posted an article about a new hair care product on the market. The article was a review of the product and an explanation of how to use it. The reviewer was very impressed with the results of the cleansing conditioner. In the article, she commented on how the first positive thing she noticed…

Oil Barely Falls Despite Failure of Doha Talks Says Martin Lustgarten

Posted by in Banking, Investing

The lack of agreement between 16 oil producing countries to freeze oil prices left many hoping that oil prices would fall. The recent meeting in Doha, Qatar, does not seem to be the case, however, with early trading on April 18 showing West Texas Intermediate for May delivery down 3.3 percent at $39.99 a barrel,…

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