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An Overview of Investment Banking

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One of the most well known occupations in the finance industry is investment banking. This is an occupation that entails firms helping companies raise capital. By raising capital many companies will have more resources to use when looking to expand and get profitable. The process with investment banking is quite simple yet requires certain tasks…

Michael Zomber’s Impeccable Love For History

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Michael Zomber is a renowned antique collector and a historian who has big dreams of preserving and protecting history. He focuses on antiques that bear a historical significance with the sole interest being swords and antique the Japanese Samurai used back in the day. Zomber does not do this alone; he works alongside other like-minded…

Co-Working Spaces Drive Higher Success For Workers

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  While co-working spaces are a relatively new idea, the shared office space model has taken off quickly. It can be lonely starting out as an entrepreneur or startup, and a shared space offers the opportunity to work talented individuals and be part of a like-minded community working across different industries. Research has shown that…

Stephen Murray: A Personality to Be Remembered

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We all should spare a few minutes to mourn the untimely and unfortunate death of one, Stephen Murray a brilliant businessman and the former CEO of the hedge fund CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was only fifty two when he died, a few months after surrendering his executive duties due to startling health problems. Despite the…

The Life and Career of A Man in Finance

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In his early life, David Osio graduated with a degree for the Catholic University Andres Bello, which is one of the leading universities in Venezuela and Latin American. He also studied Advanced Management Program in International Banking Law from the institute “Estudios Superiores de Administracion IESA. In 1981, Osio began his career as CEO and…

Class Dojo Is Supplying The Tools To Change The School Mindset

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In today’s day and age, teaching kids can sometimes be difficult due to negative environments and thoughts around school and learning. There are many excellent schools out there providing great education, but based on overall statistics, students are having a harder time than ever getting involved and engaged in school work and activities. Class Dojo…

George Soros Bases His Brexit Opinion on Past History

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As the day of Great Britain’s vote regarding whether or not to remain a part of the European Union draws near, everyone from George Soros to David Beckham is speaking their opinion. Soros is a well known and well respected financial investor who has been following the economics of the country for decades. Politicians often…

Bustle Article Recap

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THE BEFORE AND AFTER SHOTS OF A WEN BY CHAZ CUSTOMER: WHAT THE CUSTOMERS ARE REALLY SAYING ABOUT THE LINE Those late night infomercials are a great way to get new products out. WEN by Chaz [] is one of these products which is getting the late night viewing. As with any other product on…

David Osio – Venezuelan Banking CEO Noted For Comments on Venezuelan Economy

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David Osio recently provided his insights to a Venezuelan news source regarding the Chinese opinion on the Venezuelan economy. He noted that the Chinese are very dissatisfied with the economic state of Venezuela. The Chinese investors want to see greater stability within the country before they invest more money to reduce Venezuela’s debt load. David…

Crystal Hunt: Expanding Barriers with Magic Mike XXL

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With the featured role as Lauren in the blockbuster movie Magic Mike XXL, Crystal Hunt was one of the few handfuls of female actresses that starred in the movie. Crystal was primarily a daytime soap actress with leading roles on One Life to Live and Guiding Light before transitioning to the big screen with the…

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