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Lime Crime: A Top Notch Make-Up Company

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Lime Crime is a 21st century cosmetics company that loves empowering people to use make-up as a sphere through which they establish an independent identity as opposed to looking like everyone else. To accomplish this objective, the company’s owner provides customers with a wide range of iconoclastic beauty products that can help consumers break with…

Wen by Chaz Exceeds Expectations

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  In a recent week long challenge, an editor for Bustle set out to test whether Wen by Chaz could transform her own hair the way that she had seen in the many infomercials for the famous cleansing conditioner product. So, for seven straight days, she committed to using Wen by Chaz and provided before…

Keeping Employees Sticking To Your Company

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Keeping your employees in your business for as long of a time as possible is vital. You want to keep your employees for years to come, but you will need to do some proper research first before they ever become interested. The truth about this industry is the fact that turnover rates are always very…

How Doe Deere Stays on Your Mind

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Doe Deere is someone that has that type of passion that you cannot stop. She has become the CEO of her own company, Lime Crime, and people are interested in what she is going to do next. She is the new face of the cosmetics world, and cosmetic leaders should get ready for a battle…

Top Ranked Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Texas

Posted by in Beauty Surgeons, Doctors

Plastic surgeons change the appearance of your body. They can modify the shape and look of most any part of the body, usually the face. When you are looking for a plastic surgeon because you want, need, or desire to change your appearance, it is a sure bet you wish to have a plastic surgeon…

The Choices of a Veterinarian

Posted by in Demand in Dog Food

  I own a small non-profit vet clinic in the state of Illinois for all residents considered to be low income. I believe that all animals in the state should be spayed, neutered and be up to date on all of their shots. If I did not help with these things in the community, I…

Attorney Ross Abelow Establishes Go Fund Me Campaign For Animal Shelters

Posted by in Lawyers, New York

Ross Abelow, a prominent New York City lawyer, released a statement announcing the startup of his Go Fund Me drive. The campaign, which started January 13th, 2016, will benefit New York City animal shelters. A $5000 target has been established and will provide homeless animals, such as dogs, rabbits, and cats, care and shelter from…

Your Own Investment Banking Experience with the Help of a Pro

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When you make the decision to begin investing your money, it is often a bad idea to do it alone. If you have never invested before, you may put too much money into a high-yield account and wind up losing it all because of a bad decision or a risky investment. If this has been…

Mike Paul Brings His Reputation Skills to a New Company

Posted by in Digital Marketing, Public Relations

Status Labs, one of the top reputation management firms in the world, just got a boost to its own reputation. The company can now boast of having access to the services and support of Mike Paul, the “Reputation Doctor”. Paul is being brought into the company’s fold as in an advisory board member capacity. The…

Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Are The Most Dangerous Insect In The World According To Dr. Sergio Cortes

Posted by in Theories on Zika Virus

Disease-carrying mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous insects in the world. Mosquitoes carry diseases that kill millions of people every year. The Zika virus is the latest mosquito threat. Brazil is under siege by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and the country is treating the tiny insect like a terrorist that can alter human life. Dr….

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