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Southridge Capital Helps Businesses Grow

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Financing a business is very difficult to do. Unless you have unending funds yourself, you will need to find a cooperative lending partner when you start a business. Banks require a lot of information before they will consider financing any new business and many times will not approve a loan. Many businesses turn to private…

Malcolm CasSelle: Worldwide Asset Exchange

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Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has managed to create a reputation for himself the digital technology community of excellence. He is both well-known and respected as a man who is capable of leading a team to create companies that reach levels of prominence seldom seen. He has recently capitalized upon the novel technology produced…

Bruno Fagali’s Impressive Contributions to Brazilian Legal Arm

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     Bruno Fagali’s Federal court implemented regulations that beer labels will specifically include the types of cereals that manufacturers use when fermenting the products. It is as a result of some brewers using unmalted cereals. Such beers only have barley malt, water, and hops. Examples of such unmalted cereals include oats, soy, rice, sorghum and…

OSI Group Majors in Global Expansion

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OSI Group has been diversifying its portfolio by acquiring several manufacturing facilities since the summer of 2016. For starters, the company bought off Tyson Food, a manufacturing facility based in Chicago. The Tyson Food sits on 20,000 meters of land and is conveniently located adjacently to OSI Industries’s facility. The acquisition allowed OSI Group to…

Ricardo Tosto and The Tax Issues Confronted by Brazilian and Overseas Lawyers

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We may not be able to say everything we want about the characteristics of a fantastic, reliable and robust business leader, but we do have some examples of such leaders. One of the top leaders in the marketing niche that we can cite here as a good model would be Ricardo Tosto. Right now, there’s…

Parent-Teacher Communication: ClassDojo

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Teachers have the huge decision-making responsibility to ensure that they bring products and learning technology into the classroom that is effective and fun for the students. When it comes to technology there are three main things that teachers are looking for when deciding if the specific technology is worth purchasing or not. First, teachers want…

OSI Industries is Showing the World What it Means to be a Top 100 Food Company

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Saying that the food industry is competitive would be an understatement. A vast understatement. Competition in the food world is driven by ever-increasing demand in the food industry. Every year the meat industry grows and grows. This growth drives competition making the meat industry one of the most competitive industries on the planet. Companies rise…

How End Citizens United Is Working To Overhaul Campaign Finance Reform

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     End Citizens United (ECU) is a single issue political action committee. That issue is campaign finance reform. They are named after a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that resulted in the political system becoming awash in anonymous big money putting politicians in office and buying them off. This PAC works to elect politicians who have…

Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Tycoon, Philanthropist, and Exceptional Human Being

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Hussain Sajwani is one of the most respected personalities in the field of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. He is the founder of Damac Group, which has delivered more than 44,000 apartment units so far since the time the company was established in the year 2002. The reason behind the rapid growth of…

Hussain Sajwani: Career, DAMAC Owner, and Goals for Growth

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Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner, is a real estate developer in the UAE in Dubai. He holds many high level professional relationships including one with president Donald Trump. These two worked together to form the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai which has generated nearly $2 billion dollars in sales so far.   At DAMAC, the…

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