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Francisco Domenech: A Powerhouse in Puerto Rican Politics

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Francisco Domenech, currently a managing partner of Politank in Puerto Rico, is perhaps best well-known for his roles in promoting and managing campaigns for women in leadership. Most notably, Domenech served Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Puerto Rico as well as House Minority Leader Jenniffer González-Colón’s campaign for the Resident Commissioner seat in Congress. Impressively,…

End Citizens United’s Fight Moves To Texas Behind Beto O’Rourke

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Ted Cruz is a sitting Republican senator for the state of Texas. He’s the guy who turned around to campaign for Trump after the Donald called his wife ugly. And a popular meme that has been circulating the Internet for years sums up the senator quite nicely. It’s a picture of a blobfish. The spineless…

Peter Briger Has Brought Good Fortune To Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger is currently working at Fortress Investment Group as company principle, one of the largest investment companies in the country today that specializes in alternative investments for clients around the nation. The company is a major player in the stock markets, often traded by investors for its dependability. Fortress Investment Group was founded more…


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Born in 1961, Wes Edens is a successful New York-based businessman, investor and major sports team owner. He started his career with Lehman Brothers in 1987 as their partner and managing director and in 1993, he went to Blackrock as a partner and managing director. Wes was one of the co-founders who started Fortress Investment…

Guilherme Paulus Wants Everyone To Love Brazil

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Guilherme Paulus wants everyone who visits to love Brazil, and he hopes to create an experience in the country that is best for the new vacationer. He knows that the people who come to Brazil are hoping for beaches and great food, but there is much more to see. His touring company has created experiences…

Upwork Helps You Power Through Your Day

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Keeping up with an endless to-do list is stress, but there are many formulas to help make sure you stay on top of everything. Upwork, the world’s largest freelancing website draws out 10 ways to stay on top of your to-do list: Capturing tasks to remember on a to-do list is recommended, can be done…

Financial freedom and success begins at Southridge Capital

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Southridge Capital truly is an outstanding company. The awesome people who work here, are all professionals and equipped with the knowledge and know-how to meet all your financial needs. If you have a problem, they have the solution! The company has over 240 employees who come from all backgrounds and walks of life. And they…

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Totally Legitimate!

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If you have watched Matt Badiali’s viral video about freedom checks, there is no doubting the fact that ‘freedom checks’ are a legitimate investment. The basic about freedom checks, is to understand what MLPs are or ‘master limited partnerships’, and how they work? About Matt Badiali Badiali is a geologist. In 1992 he received a…

The Profile of Lawyer Bruno Fagali

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     The Brazilian born Lawyer grew up in this tremendous South American Country, and he is involved in different Legal matters. Bruno is also the founding father of Fagali Advocates whose headquarters are in Sao Paulo. Education Bruno attended various, and one notable one was the Catholic University of Pontifical and studied administrative law where…

Randal Nardone: From Nothing to the Top of the Business Pyramid

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The work of Randal Nardone has inspired a lot of people to go out and pursue their own dreams. He’s shown exactly what commitment to hard work and innovative thinking can do to increase an individual’s chances in the business world. The sad fact is that most businesses fail but Randal Nardone was able to…

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