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How End Citizens United Is Working To Overhaul Campaign Finance Reform

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     End Citizens United (ECU) is a single issue political action committee. That issue is campaign finance reform. They are named after a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that resulted in the political system becoming awash in anonymous big money putting politicians in office and buying them off. This PAC works to elect politicians who have…

Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Tycoon, Philanthropist, and Exceptional Human Being

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Hussain Sajwani is one of the most respected personalities in the field of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. He is the founder of Damac Group, which has delivered more than 44,000 apartment units so far since the time the company was established in the year 2002. The reason behind the rapid growth of…

Hussain Sajwani: Career, DAMAC Owner, and Goals for Growth

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Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner, is a real estate developer in the UAE in Dubai. He holds many high level professional relationships including one with president Donald Trump. These two worked together to form the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai which has generated nearly $2 billion dollars in sales so far.   At DAMAC, the…

CFDs, ETFs & MT4 Explained by AvaTrade Review

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Do you know what the CFDs, ETFs and MT4 acronyms mean? Learn about some of the most common Forex acronyms in this AvaTrade Review.   What Are CFDs?   AvaTrade was started more than a decade ago. It requires its customers to deposit at least 250 dollars, euros or dollars. You can open a demo,…

 What You Need To Know About Wes Edens

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Wes Edens is a sports team owner, a private equity investor, and an American businessman. Popularly known as Wes, Mr. Wesley Robert Edens is currently a Founder, Principal, and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Mr.Edens owns the League of Legends team FlyQuest.As part of his roles at Fortress, Wes…

Agora Financial Makes Viable Market Predictions for The Benefit of Investors

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Investment scams come in many ways including a phone call, social media or just an email. What is more, they can even be from a close member of the family or a colleague. From totally fictitious, to ones that exist but the money put to the docket is directed to different use. Moreover, there is…

How Sheldon Lavin Made the Success of the OSI Group Possible

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When searching through some of the leaders who have served at the top executive positions in the food and meat processing industry, Sheldon Lavin would automatically appear. He is among the people who have made OSI Group be as successful as it is today. Through his efforts, the company has managed to expand internationally and…

Jose Hawilla Has Established Many Successful Businesses

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Are you trying to find out the secrets of success in business? Want to know what makes some people highly successful in their endeavors while others do not make it?   Many people all over the world search for advice on how to start a business or grow their portfolio of investments. Perhaps you are…

OSI Industries Acquire Flagship Europe

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OSI Industries, a global food, poultry, and meat company that is based in Illinois purchased Flagship Europe, a United Kingdom company and a part of the Flagship Food Group. Flagship Europe is the United Kingdom’s foodservice market supplier that has a wide array of high standard food products which includes dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, pies, sous…

Ronald Fowlkes Gives Back To The Community He Loves By Being A Mentor:

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Ronald Fowlkes is a former United States Marine who has seen combat on the front lines. He also has had a long career in law enforcement before coming into his current role as a Business Development Manager for a tactical gear company. Ronald loves giving back to his community, his country and the world and…

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