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EOS Lip Balm and the Connection with Other Established Brands

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The Lip Balm industry has been controlled by a few major players for most of the last decade. It is no secret that companies like Chapstick and Blistex had a hold on the industry. This is not a surprise. Chapstick is owned by the mega giant Pfizer and Blistex is owned by parent company Clorox….

WEN Hair Care products

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Many women are self conscious about their hair. Hair is a very important feature to a woman. Having healthy and beautiful hair makes them feel more confident and beautiful. Unhealthy hair can make a woman feel self conscious. Having healthy hair makes a difference in a woman’s everyday life. Having healthy hair leaves a good…

Wen by Chaz Is A Top Quality Hair Products Brand

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Are you looking for a reliable or quality hair products line? Want to find the best hair conditioner or styling treatment for your hair? Perhaps you have heard a lot about Wen by Chaz brand but never really thought much about it. After spending a fortune on hair products that didn’t produce impressive results I…

Why Is Advertising In Brazil On The Rise?

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Advertising in Brazil is on the rise because the World Cup and Olympics have taken the country by storm. The country is awash in new businesses, new business ventures and advertising for every event, product and service imaginable. The Olympics is bringing the world to Brazil, and the world expects to have something to consume…


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