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The Value in Using One Hair Care Line

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Many women don’t take stock of their hair care products. They may have many different shampoos and conditioners from various brands. However, hair care manufacturers design their products as a comprehensive solution for hair care needs. People who don’t use a particular brand’s entire product line are not getting the value of any given brand….

Bustle Article Recap

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THE BEFORE AND AFTER SHOTS OF A WEN BY CHAZ CUSTOMER: WHAT THE CUSTOMERS ARE REALLY SAYING ABOUT THE LINE Those late night infomercials are a great way to get new products out. WEN by Chaz [] is one of these products which is getting the late night viewing. As with any other product on…

How Doe Deere Stays on Your Mind

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Doe Deere is someone that has that type of passion that you cannot stop. She has become the CEO of her own company, Lime Crime, and people are interested in what she is going to do next. She is the new face of the cosmetics world, and cosmetic leaders should get ready for a battle…

Eyes around the Globe are watching the Wengie Channel

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The filming and production of videos is no longer strictly confined to Hollywood; people from all over the world are able to post videos, and many even have YouTube channels that are extremely successful. From channels that feature original music artists, to those that show how to make delectable, colorful confectionaries, many of those posting…


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